Our world is made of more than atoms and molecules. Cells and micro-organisms. It is also made of Story. Since God first breathed the world into existence storytelling has been an indelible piece of our existence. Through uttered sounds or spoken word, images carved into a cave wall or written on a page. to sounds emitting through a victrola to lifelike 3d images on an IMAX screen, stories have been told far and wide. We all have a story.

Some of us may not be the best storytellers, but we have a story. This is the essence of the Oklahoma Talking Company. Telling stories. We love our home, Oklahoma City, and the stories that make it up. So we set out to help you learn about our city, our state, and the amazing people that live here. Through written word, spoken word, images we aim to tell the fascinating stories we find around us. These may include stories of personal reflection, business undertakings, triumphs, and tragedies. We are the Oklahoma Talking Co.


A Storytelling Network




DestinyCreative.Co is the production company behind OklahomaTalking.Co. Purveyors of fine stories, inspiring images, and quality creative content. Led by Nathan Davis and Jason Baffrey, DestinyCreative.Co is a multi-faceted media co. developing stories through web design, video production, graphic design, and social media management.



Nathan Davis serves as Director of Communications at Destiny Christian Center in Oklahoma where he oversees communications, media, and the web. Lead designer at DestinyCreative.Co. A creative story-teller who specializes in design, info visualization, web, UX/UI and motion graphics. A graphic and web designer, communicator, lover of all things tech, philosopher and entrepreneur.Father of four (3 boys, 1 girl). Fascinated with the idea of how stories shape our identity and culture. Fascinated with the mechanics of influence and leadership. Love working on innovative ideas and projects. Tweaker. @mediapeople


Jason Baffrey is a creative and versatile communications professional with 20 years experience in broadcast productions. Producer. Editor. Voice. Host. Writer. Passionate about telling the stories of people and business through creative media. His voice has been heard on local, regional, and national commercials. He has hosted programs for TNN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Net, and DIY. Served as Associate Producer and Co-Host of “NHRA Today” on TNN. Versed in Public Relations and Social Media. Husband and father. Lover of cars, motorcycles, music and all things fast and loud. Jason Baffrey studied Oral Communications-Broadcasting, and was a state and national broadcast award-winning student at the University of Central Oklahoma, in Edmond, Oklahoma. @BAFFREY