We’re excited to announce a brand new show directly hosted and produced by Oklahoma Talking Co. It’s part parody, part information and part psychosis. Produced by the makers of OKCShow, DreamOK and Ossumdrop, this new channel features the “best of fear based media.”

“…served up to induce collywobbles, tension and if we’re lucky a little viral dismay.”

We recognize the overtly engaging nature of scary headlines, dread inducing reports and anxious information. In light of an obvious human hunger to simply dread things we have no power over, we decided to create an exclusively angst-oriented channel of content, #YourWorstFear.  We aim to unsettle the general populous. We want to be a catalyst for your everyday trepidation, daily jitters and unwarranted panic. Lists, Podcasts, Videos and Posts served up to induce collywobbles, tension and if your lucky even dismay. For those who like to imagine the world is ending everyday. Be looking for us this fall!






*Warning, Not for the faint of heart or, if you struggle with depression, anxiety disorders or severe insecurity. Or for people who take themselves and their world to seriously.

**Obviously we’re having some fun, making light of a very real serious issue our society struggles with. We hope to ultimately bring some brevity and fun to a world of threats that are often over inflated but sometimes true. Let’s smirk at that unreasonable rather than be unsettled. Let’s smile at the man in the shadows.

The content will be hosted on our site coming fall of 2015.

Follow us on Twitter. @fearsite