On May 20, 2013, a tornado ripped through Moore, and other parts of Oklahoma. A tragedy of epic proportions rocked the state and beyond.

Tornado in Moore, OK May 20, 2013

Tornado in Moore, OK May 20, 2013 courtesy Elevate Faith Productions

In the aftermath, Steven Earp, a local pastor, decided the stories of individual tragedy, overcoming, and heroism needed to be told. Out of that, came the award winning documentary film “Where Was God? – Stories of Hope After the Storm”.

Steven Earp

Steven Earp

Earp talks with OKC Show host Jason Baffrey about his day on May 20,2013, some of the heroes of the day, and how to overcome the storms of life, whatever they may be.



The movie is now available on DVD and has just been released on Netflix.

Steven Earp’s new book Storms of Life is also now available at wherewasgod.com


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