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Jason Baffrey and Eric Colvin give their thoughts on riding the new Harley-Davidson Road King, featuring the brand new Milwaukee-Eight engine.  Thanks to Iron Nation Harley-Davidson in Edmond, Oklahoma for providing the opportunity to ride the newest bike from Harley.  They also were able to ride the Harley Switchback to provide comparison from the former engine to the new Milwaukee 8.  Both bikes certainly have their place depending on a rider’s needs, but overall the new Milwaukee-Eight combination is a stellar leap forward for the Motor Company.

Jake Latimer of the VDTRA also joins us on this show to talk American Flat Track and much more.

2017 H-D Road King

2017 H-D Road King


The 107 Milwaukee-Eight


2016 H-D Switchback

2016 H-D Switchback



Eric Colvin and Iron Nation's Monty Ketch cruising on the Road King and SwitchbackEric Colvin and Iron Nation’s Monty Ketch cruising on the Road King and Switchback.



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