We asked Ellick Cosby, The Grilling Dude to put together his secrets for an awesome BBQ.  He was more than willing and wrote an entire post on what he believes are the most important things for you to consider when barbecuing.

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Secrets to an Awesome BBQ
By Ellick Cosby

BBQ this, grill that, so many blogs have been written about how to have or conduct an awesome cookout, that would confuse the most experienced pit masters. I am writing this to clear the air and take the mystery out of the cookout and what it takes to make a great one. The mistake is made when you think the food is the center of the event, when in fact it is the people. To make up a menu and then consider the people is putting the cart before the horse. Cookouts are about people not food. So I am going to share some real treasures for an amazing barbecue.

First let’s talk safety, most often safety isn’t discussed until someone gets hurt, or a house gets burned down. You do not want to be the host that had an accident that could have been avoided if only you would have made better plans. Proper working equipment is the most important thing to remember, especially when working the grill.

The second is your guest list.  Who‘s coming is always more important than what your are serving.  What you are serving should be determined by who is coming. If you don’t believe me get a friend who is vegetarian and try passing a serving of brisket off as tofu then see how long you have that friend. Serving has never been and never will be about you. So, consider who is coming and what their preferences are and make your menu up accordingly. Keeping in mind budget and time, you can have an amazing party and get awesome reviews if you just make it a point to consider all people who you are serving.

Third, learn about the meat you are cooking. Enough could never be said about the importance of knowing your food and more importantly how your guest likes their food. If you’re cooking steaks I can almost guarantee everyone will want theirs cooked differently from the others. Knowing how to tell the difference between rare and medium well will carry you farther than properly smoked ribs ever will. As cool as it is to be the Grilling dude or Grilling Dudette, how well you serve people will be remembered more.

Fourth, during my classes, I commonly notice the frustration of students. When questioned about what tools they use,  most times they don’t have  some of the basic things needed to make cooking easier. Believe me if you ever juggled  a whole chicken using tongs then you will understand this principle. Having proper equipment can make the difference between your next cookout being another frustrating day or an enjoyable occasion.

Last but not least, include others in the process. In basketball nothing is hated more than the ball hog. Attention hogs are no different. Sharing the limelight with assistant cooks and organizers makes your event all the more fun and it gives you the opportunity to learn from others. And, most importantly you can actually enjoy the cookout also, and not feel so tired.

There you have it. Secrets to an awesome BBQ. It’s probably not what you expected but important none the less. We cookout and have backyard barbecues because we love the people that surround us. Take the people away and all you have is a bunch of food and no one to share it with.  I believe our lives are to shared with one another. What a shame it would be to live an abundant life but never share our blessings with others. People are what make cookouts awesome, not the food, but having good food doesn’t hurt either and we can talk about that in another blog post.

Until then get your grill on.