The anticipation is building.  An entire segment of our community (including us) are about to gnaw their own arms off with excitement over the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven’t watched the latest trailer go HERE.  It is a monumental moment in moviedom and Geek culture.

Londall and Dawn Guyse

Londall and Dawn Guyse

And, just in time for all the hullaballoo, OKC Geeks/Cosplayers Londall and Dawn Guyse are opening a new boutique for geeks in Oklahoma City.  It’s called “My Chic Geek“, and there you will be able to find your favorite boutique goods, like locally crafted candles and soap, but also some of the coolest geek culture items in town.  From Star Wars to The Avengers they carry a full line of fun merchandise for everyone from kids to collectors.



Darth Londall and Dawn Guyse

Londall and Dawn are also part of JediOKC a group of Star Wars fans and cosplayers who don’t just dress up for fun, but for a good cause.

Pull out your iPod. Light up your light saber.  Sit back and listen to Baffrey get his geek on with the owners of My Chic Geek and hear about their Grand Opening on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

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