We are in disturbing times.  A recent poll indicates that Americans have a “dim view of race relations”.  In many ways the state of relations betweens blacks and whites seems to be moving backward not forward as one might expect, considering the amount of time since the civil rights movement and the fact that we have a black President.

In the past few years, months, and even weeks, tragic and horrific events in Ferguson, MissouriCharleston, South Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, and Houston, Texas have brought increased exposure and tensions on race relations around the United States.

In Oklahoma City, however, instead of taking to the streets, people are meeting at the dinner table to have safe, civil, informative, and enlightening conversations about race relations in our city.

An effort called DinnerTableOKC was launched in Oklahoma City August of last year. DinnerTableOKC was a concept envisioned by Taylor Doe and inspired by his good friends Rodney and Cresha Redus.  The idea seems simple.  Bring blacks and whites together around a great meal to have honest conversations about what we know, don’t know, think we know, and in some cases never dreamed of, when it comes to racial concerns in the 21st century.

In this episode of the OKC Show, Jason Baffrey talks with Rodney, Cresha, and Taylor about their efforts and the national interest that’s developing based on the DinnerTableOKC model.

(from left) Rodney Redus, Cresha Redus, Taylor Doe

(from left) Rodney Redus, Cresha Redus, Taylor Doe