Every three minutes an American is diagnosed with blood cancer.  In 2009, Marshall Matlock was an athletic, career minded twenty-something.  Then he heard the words everyone fears.  “You have cancer.”

Marshall Matlock Wants You To Be A Hero

Marshall Matlock Wants You To Be A Hero

In this week’s OKC Show, Jason Baffrey talks with Marshall Matlock, who was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately checked into a hospital, where chemo-treatments began.  After an arduous process culminating with the miracle of finding a bone marrow donor in another country, Marshall went into remission and has been cancer free ever since.

After his experience in trying to find a matching marrow donor, he wanted to find a way to help others that might find themselves in the same situation he faced.

Marshall launched Swab Squad in OKC to help dispel the myths around bone marrow transplants and to recruit donors, so more people have a chance to find a match.

The process to get on the donor list is really easy and requires no pain.  You can register to be a donor at the Swab Squad portable pop-up marrow drive (See them at H & 8th Night Market each month)  or register online through their partner organization Delete Blood Cancer

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