We received the following Press Release from our friends at Made Possible and it’s just too great not to share with you.  If you missed our OKCShow episode with Mike Zserdin and Adrian Young, founders of Made Possible, listen HERE after you read this post. Fantastic stuff going on here folks. Get engaged and support it!



OKLAHOMA CITY – September 16, 2015 – On June 17, newly formed social action community – MADE POSSIBLE – took to Twitter asking Oklahomans for ideas that serve people, the planet and the pursuit of happiness. The question #WhatIfOKC was posed and nearly 500 ideas were collected within 48-hours. #WhatIfOKC trended as the conversation grew, validating the topic and motivating founders.

The work of “Aiding hunger” topped the list of community input and today marks the launch of MADE POSSIBLE’s first collaborative project, the “Food For All” food truck, benefiting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

The “Food For All” Food Truck

A remarkable roster of partners including A Good Egg Dining Group, Whole Foods Market and First National Bank of Oklahoma have teamed up to collaborate with Oklahomans and turn this social good idea into a MADE POSSIBLE reality.

An unconventional truck, an unconventional purpose. #foodforallOK

Together, with donations from Oklahomans, this “Food for All” vessel of hope will be on the streets of Oklahoma starting this spring. “One in six Oklahomans has inconsistent access to food,” said Rodney Bivens, executive director of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. “Every dollar raised will provide five meals for chronically hungry children, hardworking families and seniors struggling with hunger.”

What does a Food For All truck do?

  1. Provides lifetime funding support with 100% of net proceeds from food truck sales going directly to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
  2. Serves complimentary nutritious meals to Oklahoma at-risk children in need every month
  3. Provides education on the value and importance of nutrition and balanced eating through cooking demonstrations, volunteerism and distributed materials
  4. Finally adds an A Good Egg Dining option to our local food truck event scene serving foods sourced from the highest quality, sustainable sustenance from Whole Foods Market Oklahoma City

Funding brings the amazing culinary creations of A Good Egg Dining and Whole Foods Market to Oklahoma, all in the name of fighting hunger.

Project Partners

A Good Egg Dining Group will run the truck, staff the truck, maintain the truck in other words all things truck. This beloved Oklahoma restaurant group eagerly signed up to donate time, money, resources and sustaining support by spearheading the “Food For All” program

“A Good Egg Dining Group is Food People-From the Inside Out. Our goal as a company is to provide fantastic food options and memorable dining experiences to the Oklahoma City community, at all price points. The ‘Food For All’ Truck is so dynamic because it gives us the opportunity to offer healthy and delicious food, to food insecure Oklahomans while sharing our love of food with a little nutrition and basic cooking education.  This project will really bring the whole community together as ‘Food People’ and we’re excited to get it off the ground.” Keith & Heather Paul, A Good Egg Dining Group

Whole Foods Market will provide the food, nutritional resources and volunteer manpower. Serving quality nutritious ingredients was paramount to all partners

“Caring for and supporting our local community is core to our values at Whole Foods Market OKC. We desire to see our community thrive, flourish, and continue to make strides towards healthy living. Food is our greatest resource. We are thrilled to contribute and collaborate to the fight against hunger. Making fresh, sustainable, and healthy food accessible is what we desire.“ Maggie Murdock Nichols, Whole Foods Market Oklahoma City

First National Bank of Oklahoma is helping secure the physical truck

Truck It OKC is donating and equipping the truck with beacon technology

Creative Vega

 is providing truck design services

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is the wonderful beneficiary of this program

These Oklahoma-proud businesses are investing, staffing and supplying food, technology and running this truck forevermore.

Two Purposes in One Truck

There are two purposes for the truck supported. The first is making nutritious Food For All available to kids in need through monthly volunteer efforts. The second, is participating at favorite OKC events selling gourmet goodness with 100% of net profits (less truck maintenance and wholesale food costs) going directly to support the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Food for Kids programs.

Let’s Do This!

MADE POSSIBLE humbly asks you to give now and celebrate Food For All where eating good benefits the common good MADE POSSIBLE by all of us. 7,500 Oklahomans giving $5 each puts this Food For All truck on the streets of Oklahoma City. To co-create the Food For All truck contribute at  www.madepossibleby.us  beginning Wednesday, September 16