Oklahoma City is blessed by a number of organizations doing great things for our city and some that also expand across the nation with their good works.  When The Mentoring Project

 leaders John and Kari Sowers relocated to OKC a few years ago, the city became a national hub for mentoring and mentor training.

Kari Sowers, The Mentoring Project

Kari Sowers, The Mentoring Project

In this week’s OKC Show, host Jason Baffrey talks with Kari Sowers, in-house counsel and lead trainer for The Mentoring Project, about the importance of mentors, their move to OKC, and the upcoming PLACE Conference.

place-fb-banerWith nationally known experts like Dr. John Perkins

, Donald Miller, Bob Goff, Sister Rosemary, Joshua Dubois, and local leaders like Lt. Wayland CubitBlair Humpheys, and of course Dr. John Sowers to name a few, the Place Conference this month makes Oklahoma City the world epicenter of the mentoring conversation.

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