The OKC Show is an audio podcast that will introduce you to the people that make Oklahoma City the hip and happenin’ place that it is. Host Jason Baffrey will chat with celebrities, artists, musicians, politicians, business people and more, giving listeners an opportunity to hear the stories of the interesting people that make up Oklahoma City and the metro area.







Go full throttle with Jason Baffrey & motorcycle wizard Eric Colvin as they talk PowerSports, all types of Racing, Tech & more.









1400In 2014, a group of Oklahomans gathered together to share their dreams.  What became obvious from that event is that each of these leaders had dreams to enhance the community in and around Oklahoma City.  DreamOK will introduce you to the dreamers that were at that event and other dreamers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in Oklahoma.





Join Rhonda Boyle on the Activate Your Strengths show, where we focus on what it takes to stop fixing yourself and live your life according to how you are naturally gifted and talented. Rhonda is a certified Strengths coach and utilizes the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment 2.0.  On each show she will take you into how to better focus on your strengths and also feature guests who have activated their own strengths to find new success and personal achievement.





Each week, OKC animator Titus Ellis releases a new intriguing and entertaining animated short. Welcome to Titus Toons.